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Para rabbinic Training Program

PARA-RABBINIC Training Program of Esynagogue

Overview and mission

This program is designed to enable Lay People to serve as assistants to rabbis or assist Congregations where there are not enough, or any Rabbis, to help them support the spiritual life of their congregations and communities.

Our Esynagogue program is designed to teach lay leaders a variety of skills to help them support communal worship, life-cycle events and educational opportunities. Participants in our program may use these skills in various ways—by serving a congregation that has no clergy; by working in an assisted living facility or adult community; or by assisting their congregational clergy.

If you have a rabbi, The para-rabbinic's role is agreed to between the Rabbi and para-rabbinic before the course, and the rabbi supervises the para-rabbinic once the course is completed. Para-rabbinics are trained in life-cycle events, but may not do weddings or conversions. Para-rabbinics may be able to conduct Shabbat morning minyans, assist in Shiva minyans, conduct Torah study, and conduct services at nursing homes and assisted living centers in the community. Many do much more in their communities because their Temples either do not have full time Rabbis or have part-time student Rabbis

Our program features a curriculum involving over twenty differnt skills, an optional annual Seminar, a Rabbi's Manual, regular comunication with Rabbis, a certfication process by a Bet Din of Conservative Rabbis. The study utilizes infomation you will be directed to on the internet, including videos made by the Ginsburgs.

This program requires a solid foundation in Jewish education. If you don't have one, take our 16 unit Introduction to Judaism course, described on the Long Distance Conversion page above. Aftr reviewing your application and calling you, we'll decide together whether it would be best for you to take that course first.

You will have ready access to 400 approx. 5 minute videos for quick background on many subjects you may be called upon to discuss.

You will have regular, as needed, access to Rabbis to help you with various questions which areise in connection with para Rabbinic duties

Curriculum-We offer many areas of instruction. You design your own program by picking at least 12 of the following areas.

Demonstrate competency in the following areas-you can choose 12 or more. Your certificate will list in which areas you have demonstrated competency

1. Conduct a Jewish funeral

2. Visit the hospital

3. Deliver a dvar Torah.

4. Conduct a Shiva Minyon

5. Conduct an unveiling

6. Conduct a seder

7. Conducting baby namings We’ll send you a sample ceremomy which can be personalized

8. Lead Birkat Hamazone

9. Be shown where you can learn to lead virtually any prayer in the service or chant any Torah or haftarah portion

10. Make Kiddush on Shabbat meals

11. Lead havdalah

12. Prepare and lead Shabbat worship

13. Lead a Torah study

14. Have an aliyah to the Torah

15. Organize and lead Havurote

16. Preside at a Mezuzah affixing ceremony/ Hanukahat habayit

17. Know the bracha for putting on a Tallit

18. Combat Messianic Jew

19. Respond to anti-Israel attacks

20. Songleading (Purchase Bkol Echad songster from USCJ)

21. Blessings and basic prayer melodies

22. Putting on Tfillin

23. For other needs your community may have we'll figure out a way to help you learn it.

We offer videos for 100 question quiz and terms for 16 differnt topics in Judaism if you want to test your basic Jewish knowledge.

Tuition for the program


There is no timetable or time limit. Take as long as you need.