Thursday, November 8, 2007

Academic Jewish study links

Jewish Studies from
(Jewish Studies here means academic, as opposed to Jewish Learning, which is traditional.)
The Academic Jewish Studies Project offers several services including H-Judaic, Jewish Studies On-Line Directory, and the JSJ eJournal. Another Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory offers further links.

The IOUDAIOS Review is an on-line journal devoted to the study of early Judaism.

The Academic Guide to Jewish History at the University of Toronto is a database of links to Jewish history resources in libraries and on the web.

The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database Project web page at Oxford University describes their work creating a new thesaurus of ancient Hebrew.

The Orion Center for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute of Jewish Studies, has information on the scrolls and about Judaism during the Second Temple period.

The Ethnologue Database at the Summer Institute of Linguistics, has information on the languages of Israel.

The Jewish Language Research web site has resources about the various distinctive languages spoken by Jews.

The Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon, Eugene, has a page on the Hebrew language.

The Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies at Columbia University has a web page describing their programs.

The Department of Religious Studies at Colby College in Waterville, Maine has a paper on the Location and Identification of the Shikhin available in hypertext format.

The American Jewish Archives has a web site with information about their collections, exhibitions, and programs.

The Meru Foundation has information on their research into the essential structure of Hebrew letter forms.

Torah Codes info, from Aish Hatorah. A skeptical view may be found at Brendan McKay's Torah Codes web page. A Christian creation science web site provides an index of other Torah Codes links.

The China Judaic Studies Association has a web page with information on its work and programs, including study of the the history of Jews in China and Chinese research on Judaism.

Donald D. Binder of Southern Methodist University has a web site devoted to the study of Second Temple Synagogues.

Paul Halsall of Fordham University has compiled an Internet Jewish History Sourcebook.

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