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Jewish newspapers and periodicals with Jewish content

News and Media
The American Jewish Press Association has a web site with information on its services including their member directory.
The Jerusalem Post has a web site with an extensive selection of stories from their Israeli daily English newspaper. They have special commemorative editions on the web, including a recreation of the Palestine Post from the original Yom Ha'Atzmaut in 1948, and a 50th anniversary Jubilee edition.

The Israeli daily newspaper Ha'Aretz has a web site with stories from its daily English edition, in association with the International Herald Tribune. They also publish daily in Hebrew. Maariv publishes as on the web as NRG daily in Hebrew. Yediot Achronot also publish daily on the web in Hebrew.

Globes is Israel's financial daily newspaper, in Hebrew and English.

Israel Internet News Agency provides news on controversial events from Israel in times of crisis.

Media Watch International's Honest Reporting service encourages accurate reporting of events in the Middle East.

The Middle East Media and Research Institute is an independent, non-profit organization providing translations of the Arab media and original analysis and research on developments in the Middle East.

DebkaFile provides daily reports and analysis on Middle East politics and international affairs, in English and Hebrew.

Kol Yisrael, the Israel Broadcast Authority, has a web site with information on its programming, networks, and rebroadcasters worldwide. You can listen to today's English news in RealAudio.

Several Israeli radio stations broadcast live over the web using RealAudio, Windows Media Player, or streaming mp3 WinAmp

IBA TV News (broadcast wmp) (home page)
IBA Radio News (broadcast wmp)
Reshet Bet (broadcast ra) (home page)
IsraTV (various streams) (home page)
Watch-IL (live broadcast pay service) (home page) (home page)
Arutz 7 105.2FM English (broadcast wmp) Hebrew (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Galei Zahal 92.4FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Galgalatz Tel Aviv 91.8FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Radio Kol Chai Bnei Brak 93FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Radios Sharon 100FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Radio 2000 Cholon 101FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Radio Tel Aviv 102FM (asp) (home page)
Voice of the Red Sea Eilat 102FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Radio Lelo Hafsaka Tel Aviv 103FM (broadcast wmp) (home page)
Radio 10 Jerusalem 106.7FM (broadcast wmp) (home page) (various streams) (home page)
Yiddish Forward Radio Hour (home page)
WFMU JM in the AM (home page)
Radio Free Klezmer (streaming mp3 on home page) (home page)
Radio Zman HaGeula - Chabad (broadcast ra) (home page)
World Radio Network (Real Audio Kol Israel Radio relay) (home page)
The Offshore Radio Guide has an overview of Israeli Offshore Radio.

The JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) is an international news service with a web site providing comprehensive coverage of Jewish and Israeli events. They also offer subscription services available by email or fax.

Jerusalem Newswire is a Gentile-run news service out of Jerusalem, providing news stories from a wide variety of Internet sources.

The Jewish Chronicle has a web site with stories from their British weekly newspaper. The Jewish Telegraph is Britain's regional Jewish newspaper.

The Embassy of Israel in London provides a daily news roundup.

Middle East news from 1st Headlines, BBC, Israel Insider, NPR, the New York Times, Salon Time, UN, World News Network, and Yahoo.

Link TV Mosaic provides a daily roundup of TV news from the Arab press, in English translation (Apple QuickTime format).

Jewish Forward has a web site with sample stories from their American weekly newspaper.

The Jewish World Review publishes their magazine daily on the web.

Tikkun Magazine has articles from recent issues and information on their San Francisco synagogue, with a focus on Jewish Renewal.

Der Yiddisher Tam-Tam, a bi-monthly newsletter for Yiddish students, published in Paris, in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Note that it's in A4 format, so if you're printing on 8.5x11 paper, use a "shrink to fit" option.

The Yiddish Voice of Brookline, MA, has a web site with information on its radio programming, and pointers to other Yiddish resources on the net.

The Jewish Exponent of Philadelphia, PA, has a web site with information on their weekly newspaper.

The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, a weekly newspaper covering the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, has a web site with content from their paper edition, both current and back issues.

The Jewish Post of New York has a web site with selections from their bimonthly newspaper.

The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix has a web site with Phoenix resources and content from their weekly newspaper.

B'tzedek, the journal of responsible Jewish commentary, has a web site with articles from their bimonthly magazine, published in Israel.

Jewish Family and Life is a web magazine for Jewish parents that reflects the strong family traditions of Jewish culture in the language of the 90's.

TV Radio World has information about all aspects of Israeli broadcast media.

The Dutch weekly Niew Israelitisch Weekblad has a web page with subscription information and Israeli links in Dutch.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren, the Surfing Rabbi of Jewish Surfers International, publishes Surf & Soul magazine for the Jewish surfer. And I don't mean web surfer, I mean surf's up, cowabunga, mamash!

Plotz the zine for the farklempt.

Heeb Magazine, the new Jew review. The kids your rabbis warned you about. From Jennifer Bleyer, former publisher of the zine Mazel-Tov Cocktail (Jew-Core).

JewSchool, Jewlicious, Mimaamakim, Bang It Out, Kesher Talk, Hasidic Rebel, and Balagan are a few Jewish-flavored blogs. As a rule, bloggers point to other like-minded bloggers, so check them out. Netring has a list of Israeli blogs.

FrumTeens has discussions about life, thought, practice, and observance, for young orthodox Jews.

OnlySimchas is a bulleting board for sharing simchas - birth, bar/bas mitzvah, weddings, and all.

Jewish Heritage Online Magazine is published monthly, with articles on a variety of topics on a chosen theme.

See the "How to read Hebrew documents" section of this page for reading Hebrew News links and other Hebrew web pages.

The Forward newspaper at

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