Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yiddish resources

Visit the Virtual Shtetl, the Yiddish Language and Culture web site at the University of North Carolina.
Henry Sapoznik, David Isay, and Yair Reiner, bring you the Yiddish Radio Project, featuring the amazing Yid-o-matic.

Mark David has pointers to Yiddish web resources at his Yiddish Voice page.

The Mendele mailing list discusses Yiddish language and literature. They keep an archive of their discussions, and other Yiddish information.

Toronto's Ashkenaz Yiddish Culture Festival page also keeps a list of Yiddish culture web links

The National Yiddish Book Center has information on their facilities and collection of over one million Yiddish books.

The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring fosters Jewish identity and American Yiddish Culture.

For those of you who wonder whether the Internet really has anything batampte, anything geshmack, anything worthwhile takeh, the Cambridge University Jewish Society presents the Cambridge University Cholent Society web page. Ot Azoy, es vet zayn an England alleh mol. Speaking of which (and not really related unless you consider the similarity between cholent and haggis) you might also want to check out the report on the annual Rabbi Burns Night at the University of Edinburgh's Jewish Society.

The Library of Congress in Washington, DC, has a vast web site called the American Memory Collection that includes exhibitions of the Variety Stage and WPA Life Histories. (Try searching for jewish yiddish hebraic hebrew.)

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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