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Michael Elkin's Jewish Entertainment web page, an archive of his weekly On the Scene columns, carried by Jewish newspapers across the United States.
Judy Caplan Ginsburgh is a singer and educator who has a site called Jewish Entertainment Resources with information for and about Jewish performers, and a Jewish concert calendar.

Shmuel Reuven's JewReview covers the entertainment industry from a Jewish perspective.

The Project Judaica Foundation has a web site with information on its projects involved with the rescue, rehabilitation, dissemination, and exhibition of Judaica.

Aura Levin Lipski has an Israeli dance site including a search engine cataloguing over 4000 Israeli dances. Israeli dancers on the net chat at Rikud at Yahoo. Markid is the web site for the Organization of Israeli Folkdance Instructors and Choreographers. The worlds largest Israeli dance festival is held every July in Karmiel.

Habayit is a resource center for Jewish a cappella music.

Judith Pinnolis has a web page devoted to all kinds of Jewish Music. Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack has information on Klezmer Music.

The Milken Archive of Jewish Music is preserving and recording the spectrum of American Jewish Music.

You can search the The Robert Freedman Yiddish Song Database at the University of Kentucky, which contains almost 25,000 selections. The Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Music Archive itself is housed at the University of Pennsylvania.

Irwin Oppenheim's Chazzanut Online is devoted to Dutch cantorial music and other chazzanut, with sheet music, articles, and other information. Daniel Halfon is a chazzan in the Dutch nusach, living in Jerusalem.

Josh Sharfman's Virtual Cantor has mp3 recordings (over 700 tracks) of the entire year's davening in the Ashkenazi nusach (prayer melodies in the Eastern European tradition).

TorahForme has mp3's of classes and leining, from Machon Meir in Jerusalem.

Larry Mark has a web page devoted to Jewish Film. Browse the Internet Film Database with keywords for Israeli, Yiddish, or Hebrew films.

The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis has information on their programs and archives

Shlomo Bar is my favorite Israeli musician, with his band, Habrera Hativit. Kesef, ko'ach, vakeff!

Larry Yudelson at the Well has Radio Hazak, discussing Israeli music, and a page about Bob Dylan and the Jews.

Himmelfans discusses the music of Peter Himmelman.

The Wholesale Klezmer Band has information about their music, including a guide to the entertainment at a traditional Jewish wedding. They have been performing a series of benefit concerts, entitled Tfile far a Tsebrokhene Velt, (Prayer for a Broken World) for aid to such war-torn areas as Bosnia and Rwanda.

Gila Gutenberg at Tel Aviv University has a web page with information about Jewish Folklore in Israel.

The Jewish Music Midi Free Library has song files in MIDI format, and pointers to other Jewish music resources.

The National Foundation for Jewish Culture in New York City has a web site with information on various aspects of Jewish art and culture.

ShaBot 6000 is the continuing cartoon saga of a pious Jew who purchases a robot to work as Shabbos Goy for his household. The robot then decides he's a Jew, and shabotic mishegas ensues.

Kippah Design has an index of patterns that you can use to crochet your own kippot

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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