Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kashrut sites

Kashrut from
Shamash Kosher Restaurant Database and other kashruth information, and OU Kashruth Database.
The United Kashrut Authority provides kashrut information sorted for companies worldwide.

Kosher Quest from the Kosher Information Bureau in Los Angeles.

Asian Kashrus Services provides kashrus supervision for manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. The web page describes their company, and also has kosher Asian recipes and information on Jewish communities in Asia.

Jeffrey Freedman maintains the web archives of the Jewish-food mailing list, with Jewish recipes from all over the world.

Cyber-Kitchen has a web site with Jewish/Kosher food links including the recipe archives.

Scharf Associates provides a clearinghouse for up-to-date information on kashrut, including notices of food packages.with inaccurate kashrut certification.

Kosher Today magazine has various kashrut information, including an interesting article on the history of kosher food.

Kosher food companies on the web include Empire Kosher, Manischewitz, and Tnuva.

Kosher wineries on the web include Royal Kedem (NY) including Golan, Gamla, Yarden (Israel), Baron Herzog, Weinstock (Cal), Abarbanel (NY), Gan Eden (Cal), Hagafen (Cal), Binyamina (Israel), Carmel (Israel), Castel (Israel), and Golan (Israel).

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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