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Shopping Jewishly

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Commerce, Products, and Services
MATIMOP, the Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development, has a web site with information for companies interested in doing business with Israel.
The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce promotes economic growth in Israel.

The page for Trade Point Israel, affiliated with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange web site has a wide variety of information about Israeli trade, including stock quotes and other market data.

The Bank of Israel has information about its services and history.

The Arena from Globes Publishing, has Israeli business news daily, including high tech news, Tel Aviv stock market quotes and analysis.

Herbison Consulting maintains a list of pointers to lists of Israeli Internet Service providers (ISP's). Jacob Richman keeps a list of Israeli ISP's. He also has information on Computer Jobs in Israel and Aliyah along with other info.

Shipping Consolidators has shipping information for olim.

Pinchas Richard Wimberly's Esek web site has information on business in Israel as well as links to several businesses in Jerusalem, including Judaica, real estate, and travel services.

The Zomet Institute addresses practical problems at the intersection of halacha, technology, and modern society. (Think of a shabbos clock on steroids.)

Art Judaica Gallery sells Jewish art, jewelry, and ritual objects..
Artistic Judaic Promotions sells Jewish jewelry, gifts, and art.
Bezalel-Levy Publishing designs and publishes Israeli graphic arts.
Broder's Rare and Used Books sells rare Jewish books.
Chadish Media sells Jewish education cassette tapes.
Davka Corporation sells Judaic software.
Dor l'Dor sells Hebrew learning software.
El Al Israel Airlines latoos kachol-lavan.
Ergo Media Jewish Video sells Jewish and Israeli videos.
Hatikvah Music sells Jewish music and videos.
Hayom sells Jewish calendar software.
He'Brew the Chosen Beer.
Henry Hollander, Bookseller sells rare Jewish books.
HLH Silver and Ebony Judaica sells Judaic crafts.
Israel Direct sells gifts and other goods and services.
Jason Aronson Publishers publishes and sells Jewish books.
Jewish Bazaar sells Jewish gifts.
The Jewish Bride sells Jewish gifts.
Jewish Lights publishes and sells Jewish books.
Jewish Software Center sells Jewish software.
Judaica Online sells Judaica online.
Kabbalah Software produces Jewish software.
Kosher Express/Matzah Market sells food for Passover.
LEV Software sells Hebrew software including speech synthesis.
Mount Zion Books sells Jewish books.
My Jewish Books reviews and sells Jewish books.
1-800-JUDAISM sells Jewish books and gifts.
Order in a Click sells Israeli gifts and flowers.
Pomeranz Books sells Jewish books in English in Jerusalem.
Rebecca Shore sells Jewish art from the heart of Jerusalem.
Schoen Books sells out of print Judaica books.
STaM On Line inscribes sacred Jewish documents.
Tara Publications sells Jewish music and books.
Torah Educational Software sells Jewish software.
Torah Productions sells Torah study software

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