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Other web pages of Jewish interest
The Alisa Flatow Memorial Fund was established following her death in April, 1995 as the result of a terrorist attack in Israel.
Bridges, a journal for Jewish feminists and their friends, has a web site with information about their magazine, and links to Jewish feminist resources. Renee Primack's Jewish Feminist Resources site has pointers to resources and discussion areas.

Rabbi Avraham Novick offers a Homeward Bound program for wayward teens.

Just Tzedakah/Tzedakah Reports provides profiles of Jewish charities. Giving Wisely is a directory of Israeli non-profit and philanthropic organizations.

Sheree Curry Levy has a page of Black and Jewish links. Rabbi Shlomo ben Levy of Congregation Beth Elohim in St. Albans, NY has a web page with information on Black Jews.

Nonie Darwish has a web site dedicated to Arabs for Israel.

Dr. Laz aka Dr. David Lazerson, directs Project Cure, which was founded after the 1991 riots in Crown heights to increase the peace and promote racial harmony.

The UConn Center of Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life offers the North American Jewish Data Bank with demographic information on North American Jews from the CJF National Jewish Population Survey.

The Karaite Korner has information on their form of pre-rabbinic Judaism.

Joel Ehrlich of the Albert Enstein Synagogue in the Bronx, NY, keeps a list of Jewish Medical Links.

Information for Jews in Prison from Rabbi Yosef Loschak at Chabad in Santa Barbara, California.

The Aleph Institute serves Jews in difficult situations, including families in crisis, Jews in the military, and Jews in Prison. They have a pen pal program for Jews in prison, where you can perform a mitzvah with only a postage stamp.

Information for Jews in Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies is available at Shamash.

The Awareness Center is dedicated to addressing childhood sexual abuse in Jewish communities around the world.

Eyal Dunkel has the Sabra Net Israeli resources web site.

Prof. Eliezer Segal has a collection of columns he has written for Jewish newspapers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Manfred Davidmann has a collection of articles he has written about Judaism, both political and religious.

Len Traubman has a web site with articles on his Jewish-Palestinian dialogue group, and other Jewish projects.

The Jewish Genealogy index has links to Jewish Historical societies and other web resources, including the extensive JewishGen site. The Jewish web Index also has lots of Jewish genealogy information.

Jewish Virtual Library has an essay with information about Mark Twain and the Jews.

George Orwell wrote an essay on Marrakech which describes the condition of Jews there in 1939.

Jewish Marriage Encounter weekends offer couples an opportunity to explore the full potential of their relationships, with an emphasis on communication and understanding.

The WELL in San Francisco has a web page for their online Jewish Conference.

The Wellington, New Zealand, Hebrew Congregation published a book celebrating the 150th anniversary of their community.

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin has a list of Middle East information services.

Palestinian resources on the net from the Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People at the United Nations Development Programme and the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics,

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Who's the certified circumcised dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks? The Hebrew Hammer. Amen.

J. Schrier is Taking Menorah Design into the 59th Century with his USB menorah.

Ray Givan and Daniel Yakir have a photo essay on the figs of Israel.

Roberto Back has an historical overview of Israeli chewing gum wrappers and gum companies.

Colin Low has a list of Kabbalah links from an occultist perspective.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard has information about his case and his fight to be freed from U.S. prison.

Israeli pilot Ron Arad has been held prisoner since 16 October 1986, when his plane went down while flying a patrol over Lebanon.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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