Thursday, November 8, 2007


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See Jewish Companies for booksellers and publishers.
The Association of Jewish Book Publishers has information about and links to American Jewish book publishers.

Major publishers of Jewish books in English include: ArtScroll, Feldheim, Jewish Publication Society, Ktav, Schocken, and Soncino. The major movements of American Judaism either publish books or have books that they suggest: OU, URJ (UAHC), and USCJ.

Brill Publishers, Leyden, the Netherlands, presents their large catalog of Jewish and other theology books.

Siddur Ba-eir Hei-teiv, The Transliterated Siddur, by Jordan Lee Wagner, is a transliteration of the siddur into the English alphabet.

Michael Davidson has a web site with information on early Jewish printing.

Professor Samuel Heilman of Queens College in New York has written a handful of books on Jewish subjects.

The Jewish Archival Project at Hebrew University in Jerusalem has a web site with information about their work and how to get copies of the books they restore.

The Smith has a web page devoted to Yiddish poet Menke Katz.

David M. Bader has written a silly Jewish trilogy, How to be an Extremely Reform Jew, Haikus for Jews, and Zen Judaism.

Noah's Window is a weekly column by Noah benShea, the author of Jacob the Baker, and other works.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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