Thursday, November 8, 2007

Other Jewish Index Links

Other Jewish Index Links from
Stewart Clamen at CMU keeps a list of Jewish web links.
The Yahoo information service has Judaism and Israel web pages.

Nadav Har'El's "The (almost) Complete Guide to the Israeli Internet" and John Neystadt's "Israeli Internet Guide" have merged to form iGuide, in English and Hebrew, also in the Yahoo mold.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, there's a text-only list of pointers to Jewish web sites, specializing in Canadian links.

Oizer Alport's classic Frum Side of the web is now maintained at

Jewhoo is a parody of Yahoo, focusing on Jewish celebrities, and a functioning index as well. Yahoodi is a later site, in the same vein, and with an even cuter name. Jewish Celebs also has information on Jewish celebrities.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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